About Kathy

“Every day is a day to make a difference and
every moment is a moment to be treasured.”
I've been part of the exciting entertainment industry professionally since I was a kid reporter on a children's documentary TV series (back when most of us didn't have remotes and there was no such thing as cable, YouTube, Facebook, email, etc.). Music had always been integral to my life. Piano was my first love though I sadly do not play anymore! After years in church and choir group performances, I discovered my gift as a soloist when I performed "You Light Up My Life" during a sixth grade talent show. 
Though I spent many years bedridden in a "cold, dark room" succumbing to the pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia, I have considered myself a Functioning Fibro since 2010. After much soul searching and with the support and encouragement of fellow industry professionals and friends who have heard me belting out some songs at karaoke and local benefits, I have decided to share my gift and sing again professionally.

Since 1995, (except for the years I was ill) I had mostly been involved behind-the-scenes in artist development/management and concert/event production. Since my recovery in 2010, I have been involved in concert production, event planning and marketing mostly for charities.  I am the former Director of 
BenefitArtists.com and I also have been involved with Florida's Third Annual Listening Room Festival, where house and office concerts are created for the music lover who wants to hear the word to every song and the story behind why a song was written.
Most would say I have a powerful, clarion voice with the ability to share a message in my music. I am known for my cover tunes, but I am working on original music and I hope to collaborate with other artists, both locally in Tampa Bay and around the country on the material for my debut album next year. I have performed about every kind of music and I love nothing better than being accompanied by a really stellar keyboardist. I have been blessed to work with some truly amazing ones in Houston, Texas and Branson, Missouri. First, keyboardist/Musical Director and then the band will follow. 

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